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We specialize in handling a broad range of stand-alone and complex corporate legal disputes that may arise among businesses, shareholders, management, contractors, service providers, etc. The type of cases we take up include disputes arising out of oppression and mismanagement of minority shareholders, recovery matters, mergers and de-mergers, trademark infringement, and disputes on violations of corporate laws and regulations. 

Our corporate lawyer bangalore have extensive experience representing corporate houses before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT), High Courts, Commercial Courts, Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Consumer Forums, and Arbitration Tribunals. With our experience, we can advise our clients effectively in all aspects of dispute resolution, from initial review and trial strategy to drafting and filing to arguments and final disposal.

We also provide end-to-end advisory services to prevent litigation by managing business-related conflicts and guiding businesses to comply with corporate regulations. 

Our Expertise:​

Our legal knowledge, combined with practical experience, delivers effective solutions for various legal challenges that businesses may encounter throughout their existence, from inception to dissolution. Our practice areas include:

  • Intellectual property right infringement: We handle disputes regarding intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. We help businesses protect their unregistered trademark through injunctive remedies and restrain the defendants from further misusing it. 
  • Contract disputes: We represent our clients in contractual disputes, both as plaintiffs and defendants, in civil and commercial courts and arbitrations. We have a track record of resolving various contractual disputes related to employment and commercial agreements.
  • Corporate governance: We assist our clients in complying with corporate regulations and maintain tax agreements to dodge legal actions for violating laws. We also advocate for cases related to corporate governance. 
  • Deceptive or Fraudulent Practices: Our firm holds experience in representing our clients in cases regarding dishonest or fraudulent practices, misrepresented products or services, anti-competitive actions, or disclosing trade secrets to harm competitors before the civil courts or arbitrations as well as tribunals such as the competition commission and consumer courts.
  • Consumer Disputes: Our firm has experience representing consumers and companies or vendors before district, state, and national consumer court tribunals. We also assist our clients in approaching industry-specific tribunals, such as the Banking or Insurance Ombudsman.
  • Writ and Appellate Matters: Our firm has extensive experience in writ matters before the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka at Bangalore, including public interest litigations, property disputes, environmental law matters and commercial matters, as well as civil and commercial appeals before the Hon’ble High Court.
  • Commercial Disputes: Our firm is well-versed in drafting documentation for and representing litigants in suits for recovery of money before the commercial courts, arbitrations, and NIA Courts. Our vast knowledge of the procedure allows us to assist our clients in seeking legal relief and protecting our client’s commercial interests. 


Corporate and Commercial Litigation involves legal actions related to business disputes, contractual breaches, money recovery, infringement of intellectual property rights, corporate governance issues, and deceptive practices. Our team provides comprehensive legal support to address these challenges.

Contract Disputes can arise from breached or disputed terms in a shareholder’s agreements, service or works contracts, partnership agreements, and more.

Our firm has extensive experience in handling Intellectual Property Rights litigation, including cases of copyright infringement, trademark disputes, and patent infringements. We protect our client’s intellectual property by seeking legal remedies such as injunctive relief and damages.

We offer expert guidance on Corporate Governance, ensuring businesses comply with corporate regulations, maintain transparent practices, and adhere to corporate tax agreements. Our legal advice helps clients navigate complex governance issues.

We have successfully negotiated settlements, enforced contract terms, and secured compensation for our clients in various Contract Disputes. Our tailored legal strategies have led to efficient and satisfactory resolutions.

Our Corporate Governance expertise spans various industries, including real estate, shipping, finance, manufacturing, Information technology, and more. We adapt our guidance to suit the unique governance needs of each sector.

Arbitration is an alternative to litigation before the courts wherein the dispute is referred to an independent arbitrator or panel of arbitrators appointed by the litigants or the High Court. The hearing of the cases is private rather than a public forum such as courts.

We represent litigants in commercial Arbitration, drafting and filing of Arbitration petitions (Statement of Claim or Statement of Defence) and documents, as well as making applications before the Hon’ble High Court for setting aside arbitral awards, appointing arbitrators and appeals against awards passed by Arbitrators.

Confidentiality is a core aspect of our practice. We strictly adhere to attorney-client privilege, ensuring that all communications and information shared remain confidential throughout the litigation process.

We communicate openly with our clients, providing regular updates on case developments, strategies, and milestones. Our clients are always informed about the progress of their matters, and we proceed only after taking approval/instructions from the client.

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