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Anirudh Associates is a full-service pan-Indian Corporate Law firm. The firm is associated with lawyers, Company Secretaries, and paralegals nationwide. Its founder, Anirudh Suresh, leads over 12 young and talented associates holding offices across major cities in India, including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kochi, and Kolkata. We represent our clients across NCLT, NCLAT, Commercial Courts and High Courts.

Founder's Desk

Anirudh Suresh self-laid the foundation for his ascent as one of the rising lawyers in the country and founded Anirudh Associates. The success story of Anirudh Suresh as a first-generation lawyer was featured on Brut. He has been recognised as one of the Top 50 Disputes Lawyers in Asia (Litigation and Arbitration) by Thomson Reuters on the basis of his work, positive market feedback and endorsements from satisfied clients.
In 2022, Anirudh’s firm was recognised by IFLR1000 as a ‘Notable Firm’ in the specialised area of Insolvency and Restructuring. In 2023, Asia Law conferred him the title of ‘Rising Star,’ highlighting his exemplary contributions to the legal field.
Anirudh aspires to change the current view among the public that a legal case requires over ten years to be resolved. The proof of his aspiration is his remarkable track record of achieving swift resolutions, including obtaining a final order from the NCLT, Amaravati, in just 28 days for an 11.5 crore dispute and securing final orders from the Commercial Court in Bangalore within a mere 45 days.
Anirudh brings vast expertise to the table, particularly in the practice area of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and shareholder disputes. His experience spans the entire Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP) process, from initiating it to guiding Resolution Applicants through the process of acquiring distressed companies.
He’s committed to empowering minority shareholders and helping them assert their rights when faced with challenges from majority shareholders. He’s adept at navigating the intricacies of court-approved merger schemes, handling cases involving white-collar crimes, and facilitating arbitration. Anirudh Suresh holds a Master of Business Laws degree from NLSIU’s flagship distance education program and an LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Laws from O.P. Jindal Global University. His strong alumni network from these esteemed institutions allows him to represent his clients effectively in various cities across the country.

Our Organization Culture

Our Vision

At Anirudh Associates, we envision a legal landscape where individuals and businesses no longer endure the burden of prolonged litigation, and the lawsuits are resolved quickly. We aim to equip our client with comprehensive legal knowledge and assistance, enabling them to conduct their operations in full compliance with the multifaceted rules and regulations laid by relevant legal and regulatory bodies.

Our ambition extends to expanding our expertise across diverse practice areas, including Insolvency, bankruptcy, commercial and corporate law, and corporate restructuring. 

By blending educational empowerment, exceptional service, and legal proficiency, we aim to become the go-to legal partner, guiding businesses towards compliance, resilience, and prosperity. Anirudh Associates is dedicated to propelling our clients to new heights in an evolving legal environment, forging a future where we stand as the foremost authority in the legal profession.

Our Values

Integrity, transparency, and ethical excellence in the pursuit of clients’ best interests – Our core values.
Our core values are built upon the pillars of transparency, discernment, and dedication to clients’ best interests. Our fundamental commitment is to counsel our clients exclusively on legal actions that hold genuine promise and the potential for positive results—our sense of accountability safeguards against unnecessary legal manoeuvres or litigation fuelled by financial incentives.
As legal liaisons, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional ethics. Upholding the sanctity of attorney-client privilege, we serve as trusted confidants to our clients, assuring them that their interests are safeguarded.

Organization Behaviour

At Anirudh Associates, we believe in a cultural shift within the legal profession to build a strong foundation for the legal fraternity. The prevailing practices in organization, governance, and compensation within law firms differ significantly from those in other entities.

We promote a shift from individualism to teamwork in the legal profession. Trust and collaboration among lawyers are essential for the firm’s success, prioritizing the collective good over individual autonomy.

We encourage balanced leadership in the legal profession. Lawyers should embrace managerial roles with peer support, focusing on efficient decision- making and minimizing delays and disputes. We advocate for clear, concise, and effective decision-making. Eliminate ambiguity in discussions and ensure transparent communication of decisions to all team members.


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