General Corporate Employment and Labour Law

At Anirudh Associates, we offer comprehensive legal advice in the areas of General Corporate Employment and Labour Law. Our team provides expert guidance on various corporate and commercial matters, including employment law, lease arrangements, and company law, to companies across diverse sectors.

We possess the expertise to guide you through compliance and regulatory requirements. From assisting with filings to executing corporate strategies and advising boards on matters pertaining to the Companies Act, we provide comprehensive support to ensure your business remains in good standing.

General Corporate:

Our Commercial Corporate practice provides legal and commercial advice on day-to-day operations, regulatory challenges, and corporate governance matters. We assist clients in formulating legally sound business models, navigating complex legal issues and regulations, and overcoming obstacles through our deep understanding of regulations, vendors, clients, and other stakeholders. Our expertise in these areas has positioned us as one of the leading corporate law firms in Bangalore.

Employment and Labour:

We offer advice on labour and employment issues as part of transactions, business transfers, and reorganisation matters. Our experience ranges from assisting clients with service rules, compensation packages, employment contracts, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, and service agreements to advising on termination, retrenchment, permissions and registrations under labour/employment-related laws and regulations. Our firm also handles contentious labour and employment matters. It has a strong track record of representing clients in labour courts and tribunals.

Corporate Law:

Our Corporate Law division comprises top legal consultants in India who provide consultancy services related to private equity, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and other corporate services. 

We provide legal advice that reduces execution risk and ensures smooth business operations. Our client-centric approach drives us to serve our clients better, offering excellent strategic solutions with a committed team of experienced corporate lawyers. 

We represent international and domestic companies across multiple sectors, focusing on understanding the core issues and delivering diligently researched strategic solutions that benefit our clients in every possible way.

Assistance in Employment and Labour Law:

We provide comprehensive assistance in complying with employment and labour laws. Our services include:

  • Assistance in the termination of employment contracts by offering legal advice, reviewing contracts, guiding termination procedures, handling severance packages, representing clients in wrongful termination claims, ensuring compliance with employment laws, and assisting with negotiations and settlements.
  • Advice on employee rights, employment contracts, service contracts, and labour disputes
  • Structuring, transfer, and non-compete issues related to employees.
  • Drafting employment documentation, including employment agreements and contracts
  • Employee benefits and compensation advice
  • Framing employment policies for organisations
  • Legal advisory services on labour law matters
  • Compliance with laws on sexual harassment of women in the workplace
  • Drafting and vetting employment agreements, appointment letters, non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and other confidential agreements.

Why Choose Us:

By Anirudh Associates, you gain access to a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing comprehensive legal support in General Corporate, Employment, and Labour Law matters. Our client-focused approach and strategic solutions ensure that your legal needs are effectively addressed, allowing you to focus on your business’s smooth operation and growth. 

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