Real Estate

Our law firm has experience in handling real estate transactions at all stages from due diligence to drafting and litigation thereof. We advise our clients comprehensively regarding their properties in the following manner:

1. Review of Titles: We conduct review of the title of a property and ensure that all documentation is in order and provide a detailed legal opinion detailing the history and validity of the title of the property. We can identify any defects in the title and what steps the client can take to mitigate them. There is a general misconception in the minds of people that the land or title is clear if Bank has given a loan.

2. Drafting of Agreements: Based on review of documents, we can assist our clients by drafting transactions documents such as agreements for sale, absolute sale deeds, Joint venture agreements, Builder agreements, marketing agreements, leave and license agreements, lease agreements, etc.

3. Real Estate Litigation: We have extensive expertise in advising clients in litigation related to a partition or real estate transaction or a dispute that arises out of any of our client’s properties. Our firm has experience in representing litigants in property disputes before the civil courts and high courts, as well as the RERA tribunal.


We conduct a rigorous review of the title of a property, beyond a cursory check of Khata and encumbrance certificate, but look at all documentation such as survey maps, occupancy certificates and all other documents. Our approach allows the client to gain an understanding of the title and make an informed decision on whether to pursue a real estate transaction. 

We are able to protect our client’s interest by drafting such transaction documents to ensure that any curable defects in the title are cured, and the client gains a good and marketable title, ensuring he is protected in the event of any litigation. We also seek to mitigate risk in case of incurable title defects by adding conditions to the transaction documents.

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